SMLab Association
SMLab a meeting room for Scientifc Manufacturing science
Example of application into Metallic Market
Nanotubes reinforcement
Aircraft Sensor and Maerials monitoring
Energy from Bacterials. SMLab's research about underwater energy
Autonomus Underwater Veicle use for real-time chemical monitoring

SMLab is a free association for the cultural growth of the additive manufacturing technologies, by executing scientific research, engineering and training activities. SMlab proposes itself  as a meeting and aggregation site for the creation of manufacturing processes and objects, the search of new materials, new production techniques and new tools for the structural formation of objects, ideal for continuing education purposes.

It encourages and promotes research activities such as:

  • nano-structured materials applications for three-dimensional Printing, engineering structures and objects for various applications
  • new concepts relating to the use of new nano-structured materials and three-dimensional printing techniques

It promote training activities:

  • management of new manufacturing processes through the use of new materials and three-dimensional printing techniques
  • qualifications of new objects created through new technologies

For any information about the Association’s activities please refer to the Posts and Archivies listed on the site

Via Principe Tommaso, 49
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